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Sabrina then quickly charges again, biting at Stealth Elf's waist, she bit down harder than last time she bit her. The blood running down her victim's waist satisfied her hunger for blood, but instead of letting go; she bit down harder, her tail whipping back and fourth, before long, Stealth Elf lets out a shrill scream of pain and terror; as the pain flows throughout her entire body. Sabrina then raises her front paws and digs her claws into the elf's sides as she bit down harder. As soon as she releases, Stealth Elf collapsed onto her right side, panting, tearing up from the pain the fury gave her. Sabrina then lets out another roar, before letting out a shriek; a fire-tipped arrow had dug into her left side. Sabrina quickly looks to her left, staring at the blindfolded elf; Flameslinger. "Foolish Skylander..." She then narrows her eyes, snarling. "I'm not foolish Fury, I sensed Stealth Elf in trouble. Now you have to mess with me.." Sabrina lets out a loud roar, charging towards the male elf, headbutting him in the stomach. Flameslinger yelped in pain and kicks Sabrina away from him, taking out another flame-tipped arrow and pulling it back against his bow. She then flies up to avoid being shot again, as soon as he fired; Sabrina landed behind him; reaching her clawed paws to him; she digs her claws into his sides, grinning widely. Flameslinger gasps, he couldn't believe it, she got him as well. Sabrina then starts to rip away from him, causing three large claw scratches to appear on both of his sides, the wounds began to bleed rapidly. Sabrina then swings her tail at him, whacking him to the side; next to Stealth Elf. She then dashes towards the arena, to find the Swap Force. She was lucky to find all the Swap Force; Rattle Shake, Night Shift, Magna Charge, Free Ranger, Spy Rise, Wash Buckler, Blast Zone, Grilla Drilla, Doom Stone, Boom Jet, Rubble Rouser, Fire Kraken, Freeze Blade, Stink Bomb, Trap Shadow, and Hoot Loop. The evilzed fury flew up above the Swap Force letting out a roar, before landing in front of them, sending them flying back.
YET ANOTHER CLIFFHANGER--  Gosh what's with all the cliffhangers?--

Part 1: sabrina-the-morpher.deviantart…
Part 2: sabrina-the-morpher.deviantart…
Part 3: sabrina-the-morpher.deviantart…
Part 5: sabrina-the-morpher.deviantart…
TmntLover111 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
OH MY WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's It!!!!!!!! I am putting her in a black hole for the time being!!!! *opens a black hole under Sabrina making her fall in* Until I fix you, you will be staying here! Drobot, we have Skylanders in need of medical treatment! Come on! *Drobot fries over fast and nods*
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