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Sabrina then struck down at the blue gremlin-like skylander, ripping off the straps to his bag of potions from her back, but also wounding his shoulders; leaving behind three claw marks that begun to bleed. Fryno growled, "Hey! You Unholy Offspring of Death and Lightning!" Sabrina had landed on all fours and looks to where she heard Fryno shout, as soon as she looked Fryno charged towards her. Sabrina hisses and quickly jumps out of the way, pinning down Pop Fizz to the ground; her pupils slit; she lets out a menacing roar. Fryno rammed his horn into a wall and quickly pulls it out, looking to the evilized fury. "You have to defeat me before you do anything to him!" Fryno then punches his metal fists onto the ground, heating himself up, making his metal fists and horn catch on fire; after that he runs towards Sabrina in a fit of rage. Sabrina roars, charging up a pinkish-redish plasma blast in her mouth; the same color of the crystal-like spikes upon her back. She then releases the plasma blast at Fryno, he attempts to dodge but it hits his right arm, scorching it greatly; but also blasting off a piece of his armor. Fryno then skids and falls to hands and knees, grasping where the plasma blast had blasted him. "D-Damn it..!!" Sabrina turns to Pop Fizz and charges up another plasma blast in front of him, her wings unfold slowly; she was about to fire. When Sabrina was suddenly kicked off of Pop Fizz, she then skids on the ground, looking to her attacker; Stealth Elf. She then roars and charges towards her, as soon as Sabrina got close she then lunges, soon biting Stealth Elf's shoulder hard; she refused to let go with Stealth Elf started to punch her on the forehead. Both Pop Fizz and Fryno had ran to the Chieftess' House and booth wounded Skylanders remained there, hidden. Sabrina then finally lets go of Stealth Elf's shoulder as her mouth was covered in the green elf's blood. Stealth Elf quickly grasps her shoulder as an attempt to keep it from bleeding too much. Sabrina grins widely as she licks the blood off of her reptile-like lips; soon approaching the wounded Stealth Elf. Sabrina was ready to bite again, as the taste of blood satisfied her.
TieMaster Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
TmntLover111 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
O_o NO WAY I WILL ALLOW YOU TO DO THAT AGAIN SABRINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *gets in front of her and is protecting Stealth Elf, growls*
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